Background of revision ISO 5127

In 2007, SAC (China) want to update China two standards on terminology, GB 13143-91 “Vocabulary of information and documentation—Traditional documents” and GB 4894-85 “Vocabulary of information and documentation—Basic terms”. When SAC/TC4 “Information and Documentation” mailed to the ISO/TC46 secretariat to consult the latest progress of ISO 5127, the international secretariat suggested that China could develop national standard based on ISO 5127, then submitted international standard new work item proposal based on China national standard. During ISO/TC46 Jeju island meeting in 2010, SAC/TC4 presented the suggestion on recommendation about revision of ISO 5127:2001. In 2011, SAC/TC4 submitted China NWI proposal to ISO/TC46 and then come in the progress according to international standard procedure.