Serial number Code of Standard Title of Standard Transform international Standard of ISO/TC46
1 GB/T 3468-1983 General editorial rule for retrieval periodicals
2 GB/T 3469-1983 Codes for documentation type and documentation carriers
3 GB/T 3793-1983 Descriptive rules for entries of retrieval periodicals
4 GB/T 6447-1986 Rules for abstracts and abstracting
5 GB/T 11668-1989 Spine titles on books and other publications
6 GB/T 3304-1991 Names of nationalities of China in romanization with codes
7 GB/T 13190-1991 Guidelines for establishment and development of Chinese thesauri
8 GB/T 13141-1991 Greek alphabet coded character set for bibliographic information interchange ISO 5428:1984,IDT
9 GB/T 13142-1991 Extension of the Latin alphabet coded character set for bibliographic information interchange ISO 5426:1983,IDT
10 GB/T 3259-1992 Transliteration rules of Chinese phonetic Alphabet on titles for books and periodicals in Chinese
11 GB/T 13418-1992 Character and entry filing principles ISO 7154:1983,MOD
12 GB/T 15417-1994 Documentation-Guidelines for establishment and development of multilingual thesauri
13 GB/T 15693-1995 Standard for price index of printed document
14 GB/T 2659-2000 Codes for the representation of names of countries and regions ISO 3166-1:1997,EQV
15 GB/T 9999-2001 China Standard Serial Numbering ISO 3297:1998,EQV
16 GB/T 12450-2001 Title leaves of books ISO 1086:1991,EQV
17 GB/T 12451-2001 Cataloguing in publication data in the book
18 GB/T 3792.6-2005 Bibliographic description for cartographic materials
19 GB/T 7714-2005 Rules for content, form and structure of bibliographic references ISO 690:1987;ISO 690-2:1997,NEQ
20 GB/T 19688.1-2005 Information and documentation-Bibliographic data element directory-Part 1:Interloan applications ISO 8459-1:1988,IDT
21 GB/T 19688.2-2005 Information and documentation-Bibliographic data element directory-Part 2:Acquisitions applications ISO 8459-2:1992,IDT
22 GB/T 19688.3-2005 Information and documentation-Bibliographic data element directory-Part 3:Information retrieval applications ISO 8459-3:1994,IDT
23 GB/T 19688.4-2005 Information and Documentation--Bibliographic data element directory-Part 4:circulation applications ISO 8459-4:1998,IDT
24 GB/T 19689-2005 Information and Documentation-commands for interactive text searching ISO 8777:1993,IDT
25 GB/T 3792.2-2006 Bibliographical description for monographs ISBD(M),NEQ
26 GB/T 5795-2006 China Standard Book Number ISO 2108:2005,EQV
27 GB/T 7713.1-2006 Presentation of theses and dissertations ISO 7144:1986,NEQ
28 GB/T 20163-2006 China MARC format archives
29 GB/T 3792.7-2008 Bibliographical description for ancient Chinese books ISBD(A),MOD
30 GB/T 22466-2008 Guidelines for establishment of indexes (General) ISO 999:1996,NEQ
31 GB/T 3179-2009 Presentation of periodicals ISO 8:1977,MOD
32 GB/T 3792.1-2009 Bibliographical description-Part 1:General ISBD(G):2004,NEQ
33 GB/T 3792.3-2009 Bibliographical description-Part 3:Continuing resources
34 GB/T 3792.4-2009 Bibliographical description-Part 4:Non-book materials ISBD:2007,NEQ
35 GB/T 3792.9-2009 Bibliographical description-Part 9:Electronic resources ISBD(ER):2004,NEQ
36 GB/T 3860-2009 Guidelines for determining the subjects and selecting the descriptors ISO 5963:1985,NEQ
37 GB/T 4894-2009 Information and documentation-Vocabulary ISO 5127:2001,MOD
38 GB/T 13191-2009 Information and documentation-Library statistics ISO 2709:2006,IDT
39 GB/T 13396-2009 China standard recording code ISO 3901:2001,MOD
40 GB/T 13417-2009 Content list of periodicals ISO 18:1981,MOD
41 GB/T 15418-2009 Guidelines for the archives classification indexing
42 GB/T 18358-2009 General requirements of trim size and type area for primary and secondary school textbooks
43 GB/T 19688.5-2009 Information and documentation-Bibliographic data element directory-Part 5:Data elements for the exchange of cataloguing and metadata ISO 8459-5:2002,IDT
44 GB/T 23269-2009 Information and documentation-Open systems interconnection-Interlibrary loan application service definition ISO 10160:1997,IDT
45 GB/T 23270.1-2009 Information and documentation-Open systems interconnection-Interlibrary loan application protocol specification-Part 1:Protocol specification ISO 10161-1:1997,IDT
46 GB/T 23270.2-2009 Information and documentation-Open systems interconnection-Interlibrary loan application protocol specification-Part 2:Protocol implementation conformance statement (PICS) proforma ISO 10161-2:1997,IDT
47 GB/T 23730.1-2009 China standard audiovisual number-Part 1: Audiovisual work identifier ISO 15706-1:2002,MOD
48 GB/T 23730.2-2009 China standard audiovisual number-Part 2: Version identifier ISO 15706-2:2007,MOD
49 GB/T 23731-2009 GEDI-Generic Electronic Document Interchange ISO 17933:2000, IDT
50 GB/T 23732-2009 China Standard Text Code ISO 21047(FDIS),MOD
51 GB/T 23733-2009 China Standard Musical Work Code ISO 15707:2001,MOD
52 GB/T 24422-2009 Information and documentation-Archival Paper -Requirements for permanence and durability ISO 11108:1996,MOD
53 GB/T 24423-2009 Information and documentation-Paper for documents-Requirements for permanence ISO 9706:1994,MOD
54 GB/T 24424-2009 Holdings statements ISO 10324:1997,NEQ
55 GB/T 25100-2010 Information and documentation-The Dublin Core metadata element set ISO 15836:2009,MOD
56 GB/Z 25101-2010/ISO/TR 21449:2004 Content delivery and rights management-Functional requirements for identifiers and descriptors for use in the music, film, video, sound recording and publishing industries ISO/TR 21449:2004,IDT
57 GB/T 26162.1-2010/ISO 15489-1:2001 Information and documentation-Records management-Part 1:General ISO 15489-1:2001,IDT
58 GB/T 26163.1-2010/ISO 23081-1:2006 Information and documentation-Records management processes-Metadata for records-Part 1:Principles ISO 23081-1:2006,IDT
59 GB/T 27702-2011/ISO 23950:1998 Information and documentation--Information retrieval (Z39.50)--Application service definition and protocol specification ISO 23950:1998,IDT
60 GB/T 27703-2011 Information and documentation-Document storage requirements for archive and library materials ISO 111799:2003,MOD
61 GB/T 2901-2012 Information and documentation--Format for information exchange ISO 2709:2008,IDT
62 GB/T 29182-2012 Information and documentation-library performance indicators ISO 11620:2008,IDT
63 GB/T 3469-2013 Content form and media type of information resource
64 GB/T 30108-2013 Information and documentation--Requirements for binding of books, periodicals, serials and other paper documents for archive and library use--Methods and materials ISO 14418:2003,MOD
65 GB/T 7713.3-2014 Presentation of Scientific and technical reports ANSI/NISO Z39.18:2005,NEQ
66 GB/T 15416-2014 Standard of scientific and technical reports number GB/T 15416-2014
67 GB/T 30534-2014 Codes and identification of level for scientific and technical reports
68 GB/T 30535-2014 Scientific and technical reports metadata specifications